HSCT stands for hematopoietic stem cell therapy. In this treatment stem cells are used that are present in the bone marrow and in the blood, called hematopoietic cells. Autologue means that the person’s stem cells are used.

The purpose of HSCT is to reset the resuscitation system so that inflammatory cells no longer attack the brain, as is the case with people with active MS. Stem cells are very important for repairing human body damage. Different other types of cells may originate from stem cells. In this case, stem cells are used from the blood, which can form different types of inflammatory cells and thus rebuild the immune system. However, this type of stem cell can not restore organs or tissues. HSCT can not restore real nerve damage. The main goal is to stop the MS, any other progress is a gift.


Briefly, HSCT treatment consists of three steps. First, stem cells are taken from the patient’s blood or bone marrow and temporarily frozen. Secondly, the patient is given chemotherapy and antibodies that eliminate the immune system. Finally, the patient gets his own stem cells back through an infusion, thus rebuilding the immune system.


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