Eelco fights against MS

Welcome to the ‘Eelco fights against MS’ Foundation website, super that you took the trouble to visit our website. The foundation was set up in April 2017 with the aim of helping Eelco in his fight against MS.

You can find information about Eelco himself, the MS disease and, of course, the HSCT treatment. We will also keep a blog of all the campaigns that will be started.

There is no treatment available at the moment in the Netherlands for MS patients with the progressive strain. Unfortunately Eelco has this progressive strain of MS (Secondary Progressive MS, SPMS).

But what is not possible in the Netherlands, appears to be possible in other countries! This treatment is the ‘Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation’ (HSCT). After thorough research, we have chosen a clinic in Mexico. Unfortunately this treatment does not come cheap and will not be reimbursed by his health insurance. The entire treatment will cost about € 70,000 Euro. This sum includes the treatment and a 1-month stay in Mexico, and the follow-up treatment Eelco will have to undergo in London. Eelco will have to go to London 5x in a year for a Rituximab drip.

We hope that by setting up this foundation, we can try to give Eelco a future.

We can’t do this by ourselves, so we therefore welcome any help! Small or large donations, ideas for and help with organising all sorts of fund-raisers and any other ideas…… everything is very welcome. Do you have any ideas for fund-raising or would you like to help organise a fund-raiser? Pleases contact us via email or the contact form.

Will you help us?

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