Welkom to ‘Eelco fights against MS’
Super cool that you take the trouble to visit our web site. The foundation was founded in March 2017 with the aim of helping Eelco fight against MS.

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Help us to stop MS for Eelco
The HSCT treatment costs a lot of money, these costs are estimated at € 70,000, -. Do you want Eelco to help you get a better future? Every euro counts! Donate now on IBAN NL90ABNA0246880430

Will you help us?

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for MS patients in the Netherlands who have the progressive form. Eelco has this progressive form of MS (Secondary Progressive MS, SPMS).

But what can’t be found in the Netherlands can be found in other countries! This treatment is called “Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant” (HSCT). After thorough research we have chosen a clinic located in Mexico. Unfortunately, this treatment does not come cheap and will not be reimbursed by his health insurance. The whole treatment will cost about € 70,000. The costs include treatment and a stay in Mexico taking 1 month and the after-treatment in London that…